Best Sellers

Best Sellers

The board games are definitely the best in the rainy days or when the family gathers, and not only. In fact, there are nights when you want to chill with your friends and playing a board game is the best thing you have to do. As a matter of fact, this was the purpose of our company, to offer people a game to distract from daily issues. Our company called Boardgames Kit Company is creating and selling this kind of games, and to make it easier for you in choosing the right game, we create a top of best sellers.


Number one in this top is as you may have supposed the chess. It is a hard game with only two players which has its roots in the early 1200 in India. There is a table with two colors and 16 pieces of six different types. The purpose of this board game is to capture the king of the opponent or to make him to give up.


Still in the top of the list, classified on the second position, here we find: the checkers. This is also for two players, and the scope of the game is to make diagonal movements on the table to capture the opponent’s pieces, by jumping over them.


On the third position, Backgammon can be found. This game involves two players, a lot of tactics and of course a well-known strategy. Instead, if the game is played only for pleasure, there will not be necessary the tactics or the strategies I was talking about.


Just for the records, I am sure that the majority of the people have played this game at least for once. If you haven’t already guessed, I was talking about the Scrabble. This game comes as the fourth in our best sellers list and it has also a long history by being first played in 1938.  The players have to display their pieces on the board in left to right or downward in order to form words and gain points. The trouble about this game is that there will be debates due to existence or non-existence of the word. As a result, we agreed to make a Scrabble dictionary with all the words which can be formed.


Another interesting game based on the fake money and on power it’s in our top list well-known as Monopoly. There are rumors which say that the game was first played in 1903 and that it was called The Landlord’s game. The purpose of the game is that each player to try to buy as much property as he can.


The Clue is a game which involves detective skills. The players have to try to solve a crime by finding the identity of the killer or the weapon used by it. The game was published in 1949 in England.

As I said, the board games are a must-have in your home and if you don’t own at least one of it, you know where to find the best. Our Board games Kit Company offers you the perfect shot: all the games in one single place and a top of the best ones. Make the family reunion and friends evenings the best!

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