Essential Guide to Importing from China

Essential Guide to Importing from China

If you are seeking for information about Chinese wholesale companies, it is important to visit the Federation of International Trade Association website. This will give you details about the happenings in the market, as well as provide you with links to the Sourcingbro website and the trade sites of Chinese suppliers. This will also provide you with details about the upcoming trade fairs.

While on this move, endeavor to get quotations from at least 3 companies, and that should include all taxes and customs and try to take every single detail into consideration that might be of huge benefit to you. Also, you must always ensure that you send a quotation that gives the exact quantity of products that you ordered. This will go a long way in reducing complications if you are done processing the order. But, after the completion of the deal, ensure that the quotation comes with an expiration date, to allow you know the length of time needed to confirm an order.

If you eventually got a distributor that suits all your requirements and interests and you are comfortable transacting business with them, let them be aware of your final decision and ask about their preferred means of payment. There shouldn’t be any hidden detail about the terms and condition and the safest method should be selected to limit any fraud cases that might later come up. All these are done to enable you to have a seamless transaction as well as get a good bargain.

It is quite easy to import goods from China. Although there are few steps to follow and they involve locating the items that you are specializing on, negotiating with the distributor or manufacturer, finding a shipping company to transport your goods to the port, and then locating a customs broker to help clear the goods once they arrive the border or destination port. This is regarded as the standard process, and you can find customs broker and freight forwarders to help fast-track the process. In fact, some companies have agents or units in the popular U.S. cities and even in China, so you have no problem because there are turnkey services to assist you to get through the process.

Sourcing Merchandise

The import process is actually a simple one. However, looking for merchandise is where some problems may arise. First and Foremost, most Chinese distributors and manufacturers always deal in large volumes. So if you are considering investing some resources to assess the situation, it is better to buy the goods from a local supplier for an additional cost of money. If you do not wish to invest in such way, then you are definitely not ready to import goods from China. Instead, I would advise that you focus on developing your brand and increase your sales domestically before investing in the market. In short, endeavor to access the situation of the market carefully before you invest your money and effort.

Once you make the decision of investing your resources, you can peruse through online stores or websites like Alibaba and Trade Key to locate the kind of products you will like to purchase for importation. Endeavor to call and negotiate with the firm before time to get the price range of the products. Typically, if you speak to half of the companies and they give you the amount at a certain range, then I assure you that the price of the goods is within that range. However, I recommend that you take necessary action and ensure that you follow these steps judiciously to enable you to get the full value for your money.

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