Q: What if I cancel the on-going order?

A: Hello and thank you for reaching Boardgames Kit Call Centre. In order to cancel the on-going order you are required to call at the number provided with your order confirmation, and provide them the code received.

At that moment, the product is reactivated on all online platforms and you will have up to 3 weeks for ordering another game from our store. In case you are not making any purchase that is equal or higher with the cancelled order sum, you will receive 50% of the transferred money.

I hope you understand out terms and conditions and I highly recommend reading them on the online platform www.boardgame-remix-kit.com and for any further problems, please write us at games@boardgamekit.com.

Q: Why I can’t place an order after I have created my account?

A: Hello and thank for reaching Boardgames Kit Call Centre. In order to make an online order you are indeed required to create a profile.

After the profile creation, you are able to see the available products to be bought, but you are not allowed to place any order until you activate your account via an email confirmation.

To do this, you need to click the “Send Validation Mail” button and click on the validation link provided through an email on your address. After you complete this process, you are set up to place your first game order.

I hope that you understood my answer and for any further question I highly recommend you to write us to our email address games@boardgameskit.com or to reach the phone number +6 889 076038.

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