How the Tankless Water Heater Works

How the Tankless Water Heater Works

A tankless water heater is a heating unit meant for water that immediately heats water as it passes through it. It doesn’t save water inside it, except for what the remaining water in the heat exchange line. See for a good review of different types of tankless water heaters.

How does a tankless water heater functions?

When you request for hot water maybe by opening a hot water tap on the shower, sink, washing machine or tub, the inner component of the heater senses the flow and start the heating process. Each tankless water heating unit is designed with its own regulator board that will enable the user to control the heat level of the water as you like.

When water starts to flow, the regulator board checks the present level of the water coming in and the level you want and then check the difference. The based on this difference, the gas, and electric flow into the burner meeting so as to start the burner. The water is then heated to the level as you have chosen it on the control board. Then it goes through the heat exchange line, discharging the hot water. By the time you switch the water off, or you are not using it, the tankless water heating units goes off and is on hold until it’s needed again.

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