Most common mistakes when creating headlines from SEO point of view

Most common mistakes when creating headlines from SEO point of view

The Title appears either in the top bar or in the tab of the web browser tab. Although not visible on the Titles site, it is one of the most important SEO Kassel on page parameters for a long time. When showing results in search, it is the most significant part. Similarly, when socializing on social networks. Someone reads only headlines and decides what they click on.

In general, it’s good to be inspired by the principles of journalism when writing titles, but at the same time accepting the specifics that search engine optimization requires.

When compiling SEO audits, we encounter errors in creating subtitles that are notoriously repetitive. I try to describe the most common ones.

  1. The subtitles are the same on each sub page or sub-group. If the title page, which is the same or many of the subpages on the same page, is killing a large part of your potential organic search traffic. The title should be unique for each sub-site, although it would be very different. We try to place the difference in the beginning.
  2. They are too brief. They include, for example, only key phrase or only name without added value. Eg: “Aluminum windows” or “LL 243”. This procedure can be accepted for the encyclopedia. Otherwise, people will rather pick a page from their search results to bring their content closer to them. Eg: “LL 243 – LED ceiling lamp in wet environment”.
  3. They are too long. If the caption exceeds approx. 55 characters (past 70 characters in the past), and from the point of view of search engine optimization it does not matter too much, but especially in the search results, the text does not appear entirety. This discourages many. If a brand or domain is automatically added to the caption, the emphasis should be put on the need. If this part of the text breaks down in search results, this is not a problem. It is essential that a text that makes sense appears in the search results in the title.
  4. Lacking of reader benefit. When it comes to headline, you should consider and prioritize your readers above anything else. Hence, if you fail to create a communication towards your readers, it simply means that you wouldn’t gain one or would’ve found a hard time to keep them interested. Headlines must be entirely relevant for your content, and it should benefit the reader otherwise, they wouldn’t spend their time reading what you have published. Considering asking yourself, with the way the trends and market works nowadays, “What can I offer for them?”
  5. Dull headline that does not captures their interest. As what we’ve mentioned above, capturing their interest is imperical if you want them to continue reading your content. Now, you need to come up with a headline that will tap their curiosity and will want them to read what you can offer. Think of something that will stir their mind and think about what your content might benefit them if they spend some time reading it. As much as possible, you should use questions and challenges that will encourage them to click continue reading and stop whatever they are doing right now.
  6. Not specifying. Specificity is equally important in your headline as well. Make sure that you support your claims by specifying your stand or what your content is all about. General terms in headlines will never attract a reader. Specifying what you can offer can help you reach your target audience who are looking for solutions to their problems or tips to improve a situation they are currently dealing with.
  7. Too much use of words. As much as you want to gain the attention of your readers, you need to keep it simple. Do not try to squeeze multiple concepts in a single headline. It should serve as a teaser rather than the entire story itself. If you try to put too much words in a single headline, it can decrease your chances of catching their attention because they have already an idea what you are going to talk about for the rest of the article. Eliminate redundant words and as much as possible, use a language that almost everyone can understand. Under many circumstances, simplicity is always the key.
  8. Lacking a sense of urgency. Have you ever read a headline and can’t take your eyes away from it the second you started reading? It’s because the writer has a sense of urgency. Make sure that your website is not something they should put off later nor ignore. Prompt the reader to act and know what there is about to know in solving their problems. Using your headline make sure that they are encouraged to get up from their seats and work towards resolving the problem.

These are just some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when you are creating a headline for your content. It can affect your SEO rankings, depending on how you put thought into making your headline. Keep these tips in mind and rest assured to attract some readers to the process.


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