Tips on How to Take Care of Your Southwestern Rugs

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Southwestern Rugs

After World War II, numerous varieties of Navajo rugs started to come up and they have some sorts of relationships with the areas they were produced. Today, this practice is still in existence even for Southwestern Rugs | FREE Shipping & USA-Made | Native American Style. Each location has different varieties of weaving pattern in combination with different designs and colors. For instance, Crystals were manufactured at the Crystal trading center, whereas Two Grey Hills derived their name from the region of Two Grey Hills where they were made.

Most Navajo rugs were manufactured in late 1890’s – 1940’s. Most reserve centers that designed these rugs lack adequate water to wash the dye out of the wool. This is the reason why the Navajo rugs bleed when washed with liquid products. Even dry-cleaning techniques can cause color bleeding, particularly the red color. Many cleaners outsource or decline Navajo rug cleaning as a result of inadequate experience. The best method is to send these materials to the rug washing facility that is reputable, well versed in Navajos and provide professional services. These rugs are known to be problematic and challenging when cleaning them. Therefore, it will be to your advantage if you take note of these factors before sending your rugs out to a rug washing facility. The only way to effectively and thoroughly wash these types of rugs is by mastering the technique of art removal and bleeding correction. There is no other known effective alternative.

Area rugs help protect the tile floors or wood and dissipate heat, depth, and texture to any space they are installed. Selecting the area rug that provides the right fitting for your décor and lifestyle depend solely on your personal interest and taste, and it is wise to follow your instinct and establish your own guidelines for the specs you want for the area rugs and the best feature for you and your loved ones.

In this article, you will find some common guidelines to follow when shopping for an area rug that will provide the best fitting for your space and add glamour to your living area, but always remember that personal interest should come first before any other sort of rules established by the interior designers or the rug industry.

Dining Room Rugs

When choosing the dining room area rugs, many people end up purchasing area rugs that don’t fit in or anyone that is small for this purpose. Though some rug buyers concentrate fully on the linkage between the size of the rug to that of the dining room table, they tend to overlook the space occupied by the chairs. For instance, if your rugs cover the back legs of the chairs in the dining room after pushing them under the table, this might look attractive when you are not using the dining room, but will become a problem when organizing a dinner party, or hosting a family night dinner. You wouldn’t want your dining room to look unarranged while hosting your visitors or having a family gathering.

Anytime you pull out the chairs from the dining table for use, all the legs should be on top the dining room area rug, which implies that your rugs should be very large to contain a space larger than your table’s footprint with the chairs pushed in. This is to enable you to have uniform rug all around the area and to avoid irregularity. When shopping for the product, you are advised to apply these facts in a real-life situation to enable you to get the full value for your money.

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