As a parent, you should know that there are board games which help you to increase your child’s intelligence. You may not consider an important thing to play this kind of board games with your young children, but you have to know that playing offers you many advantages.


I will show you some advantages of the board games for brain, so you can start to play them with your child in the shortest possible time and not to waste a second more. One of these good things that board games are offering you is that once you will play it, you will start to spend some quality time with your child. As the time will pass, you will see how the relationship between you and your children will be stronger and he will also understand how to lose or win a game and how to transform the disappointment and angry feelings in a positive ones.

This typology of board games is recommended for the young children due to their importance in increasing the memory skills and the thinking skills of the child.  Another amazing thing about playing games with your child is that he will start to take turn or to learn the rules.

Forwards, I will present you some board games for children which are best sellers of our Boardgames Kit Company.

Roll and Play Board Game (+18 moths)

There are some cards in six different colors. The red one is called the action card. You have to put the child to make an action such as ‘Do a pirouette’.  The yellow card is to express emotions, so you have to tell them to make a tired face, for example.  Purple is for body parts, while the green is for animal sounds. The orange card is for counting and the blue one is for colors (find something green, for example). As it seems, this game should help your child to learn in a quick and a funny way even at this early age.

Hi-Ho Cherry-O (+3 years)

This game is amazing by the fact that it can be played for 5-10 minutes if you are in hurry. Also, it is perfect if you want to show your young child how to take turn and how to recognize the colors. The purpose is to introduce small pieces of fruits into the game board. Each person will have to wait for his turn and to introduce the specified number of fruits in his basket. The number is set by spinning a spinner.

Zingo (+3 years)

It is a game for the whole family and it is by far the favorite one. The purpose is to full the entire board and to scream out ‘Zingo’. The amazing thing is that the child has to match the photos with the text.

In the end, as you may have thought, the board games are definitely the best way to spend a bit more time with your young child and also help him to grow in a good way. With this kind of games, the child will develop a lot of skills which are useful in his life like the memory skills.  Also, the games are the best way to make him learn in an easier way. If you thought that you have to wait until the child grows, think again and buy the game!

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