Vietnam Visa Application: Essential Tips to Ensure a Smooth Process

Vietnam Visa Application: Essential Tips to Ensure a Smooth Process

Do you desire to get a Vietnam visa cheaper and faster than you can get it while in the United States? Then it is recommended that you get it form an embassy or consulate office at a neighboring Southeast Asian country. If you want to enter Vietnam from somewhere else in the southeastern part of Asia, the Vietnamese embassy for that country will process your Vietnam visa application cheaper and quicker than you can have it done in the United States of America. The Vietnamese embassy in Bangkok, Thailand for instance, is a popular place where travelers get their Vietnam visas.

Vietnamese consulate offices and embassies are closed on Vietnam holidays too, so this is a very important factor to take into consideration when you want to visit the aforementioned.

The visitors to Vietnam must ensure that they finish a customs declaration in duplicate and an exit/entry form. The yellow copy will be returned to you and it is important that you have them kept properly with your passport because they will be demanded when you leave.

If you plan on leaving Vietnam overland, it is advised that you get a visa that sticks to your passport other than the loose leaf form of Visa that is not attached firmly to your documents. The latter type of Visa is in most instances detached by the Vietnamese officials when you are crossing the border, thus leaving you with no evidence of leaving Vietnam. In time past as it has been reported, many passengers have found themselves in situations they didn’t prepare for when they could not provide any evidence they visited Vietnam most especially when they were crossing into Laos.

Vietnam Visa Application: Essential Tips to Ensure a Smooth Process

Visitors of Vietnam are very lucky these days since acquiring visa is easier than ever. As of recently, they have opened up an E-Visa application – which means that you can get a Vietnam visa application online, although there are certain countries that are not eligible for this. No matter how easy the application these days are, it is better that you prepare yourself in any circumstances you are currently in as it will save you a lot of time and headache during your procurement of your visa.

Here are a couple of tips that you need to take into account prior on getting a Vietnam visa application.

Ensure that you have a valid passport that is still valid for 6 months and has more space for the visa stamping.
Make sure you check out the visa regulations as they are usually changing from time to time depending on the diplomatic relations between your country and Vietnam.
Visa extensions are usually done when your ongoing visa in Vietnam has less than one week in it. You are only allowed up to 3 extensions. Once you have used it up, you have to get a new visa. The fee for visa extensions range between 18 to 35 US dollars.
It is best that you apply for a visa to Vietnam at least 2 weeks prior to avoid any troubles. Others would even go as far as 2 months to avoid delay.

Visa on Arrival
Also known as VOA, this is an alternative means for people to get their visa upon their arrival in Vietnam. You can apply for this online and pay up for the service fee. You also need to acquire a visa approval letter, which you will get in 2 working days. The visa approval letter is the one that you will use when you arrive in one of the international airports in Vietnam. Once you arrive, you are to go directly to the VOA office where you will hand over your visa approval letter. The approval letter will be sent to you through email. This is issued by the Vietnam Immigration. As much as possible, make sure that your approval letter has the same details as you have submitted in the form and in your passport. If not, expect that you won’t get in to Vietnam.

What is this “approval letter”?
This is a document that is approved by the Vietnam Immigration Office wherein it allows you to get in and out of Vietnam for a period of time specified in the letter. With this letter, you can get your visa when you arrive in one of the 3 international airports in the country.

The time it takes to acquire your approval letter is between 3 to 5 business days, except Saturdays, Sundays and the National Holidays in Vietnam. In case of urgency, you can have the approval letter with either the Same Day Processing or the Next Day Processing. Then again, this is only applicable if it is a working day.

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