Which Are Proven True About Denti del Giudizio Sintomi?

Which Are Proven True About Denti del Giudizio Sintomi?

Most people never really worry about denti del giudizio sintomi or the appearance of the third molar, mostly referred to as the wisdom tooth. Many are happy to have them, while some are annoyed by its existence. The latter has something more to do with how they can be a pain and that it hinders a person’s way of living daily life, especially when it comes to talking, eating, or laughing. Because of this, you’d hear a lot about the popular removal procedure regarding the third molar. But this is only done so because the tooth itself is badly damaged to the point that they are beyond repair. The only way for them to be treated without affecting the other tooth in the mouth is by removing it.

Here are some other reasons why wisdom teeth are removed.


This is the tissue inflammation that surrounds the wisdom tooth that has partially erupted. This is a very common problem among those who have wisdom teeth growing out during adulthood. There are about 95 percent cases of pericoronitis that happen with the lower wisdom teeth. Since they are not very important in maintaining the proper occlusion or for biting in that matter, they are usually extracted.

The common symptoms of pericoronitis are bad taste and pain in the mouth. The gum tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth also look swollen as well. The more serious symptoms are those that need immediate treatment like when you have a fever, abscess appearing around the wisdom tooth and difficulty opening of the mouth because of the swelling. This condition mostly develops when the wisdom teeth starts to go out. This rarely happens to people beyond the age of 30.

Tooth root infection, caries and pulpitis

Caries or also known as tooth decay is a very common problem as well for wisdom teeth. If this is left untreated, the caries can develop into pulpitis, which is the dental pulp’s inflammation.

Pulpitis is something that can cause that throbbing pain within the tooth. It can even reach to the root of the tooth, thus leading to tooth root infection when left untreated. This is also known as apical periodontitis. When the condition has reached tooth infection, this is the reason that you will have to remove the tooth.


This dental condition damages the bone and tissue that supports the tooth. It can lead the tooth to become loose from its root. The only possible way for this to prevent spreading to other tooth is by extracting and when possible, replacing it with prosthesis. This is the only possible option for treating periodontitis.

The other reasons for extracting the wisdom tooth can also include cracks, root fractures and even traumas. If the denti del giudizio sintomi is already in a poor condition or that its current condition can pose a very a high risk, it is best to have the tooth removed. This is best done before a surgery or strong medication is done.

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